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Notion to PDF

Made for notion

Ok, here's the deal. The default Notion export to PDF is kind of ugly. It shows the properties table, text is sort of huge, there's the scaling thing but doesn't really work that well.

It's a mess.

This is a better Notion to PDF than Notion's own.

Want to see a sample? Here's a pretty complex Notion CV template. And here's the resulting PDF. Notion would have generated this PDF instead.

Want to try? Paste your public Notion URL here

Detailed instructions

  1. 1)
    Make your page public. Here's how. This tool skips doing log-in in with Notion, giving permission, the whole thing, so it's as easy and seamless as possible. That means the only way to see your page is if it's public. Don't worry: I'm not storing it, and you can make it private right away after exporting.
  2. 2)
    Paste the public URL in the box above. It should look something like this:
  3. 3)
    Get a PDF that looks decent enough without property tables or unnecessary page titles.

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